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With our sophisticated, comfortable and functional interiors showcased throughout the world, Domo Interiors Design Studio is one of the foremost interior architecture and design practises in the industry. 

Known for bringing a lived-in luxurious feel to high-glamour-projects, as well as creating commercially successful design concepts for restaurant and retail, alongside helping a select number of private clients create their dream homes, the Studio is adept at creating captivating spaces that do more than excite the eyes or entertain the brain, but shape the lifestyles of the people they come into contact with. 


Founded by Artist Designer Salvatore Sini in 1989, the Studio employs Professional staff between Italy and London, all of whom adhere to Salvatore's design philosophy and believe in creating dynamic and intelligent interiors.


For Further information and book an appointment to discuss about your project contact Mr Salvatore Sini to info@domointeriors.co.uk 

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